The JTBD Toolkit for Changemakers

Lead your team to think about customers in a whole new way. The JTBD Toolkit has videos, webinars, tools, and templates—your go-to resource for all things Jobs to be Done (JTBD).
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October Workshop

Put JTBD into action in this 3-hour interactive workshop with Jim and Elaine

Leading Your Team with JTBD
Thursday, Oct. 29
10:00AM-1:00PM PT // 1:00-4:00PM ET
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What makes the JTBD Toolkit special? It's all in the practical learning.

The JTBD Toolkit is designed to provide straightforward guidance. You'll be able to apply JTBD techniques in your team right away. 

Practical Tools for Professional Growth

The toolkit has 4 hours of video content, 8 downloadable worksheets and templates, resource guides, and more--all to help you put JTBD into action.

⦿ Learn the best way get started with in your company 
⦿ Find out how to lead teams in JTBD conversations 
⦿ Understand how to map out your JTBD landscape

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Upcoming Workshop: Leading your Team with JTBD

Thursday, Oct. 29
10-1pm  PT // 1-4pm ET

Putting JTBD in action can be daunting. It's not just how well you understand JTBD, but also how you'll facilitate the strategic conversations that matter.

This workshop is designed to help you confidently lead your organization's JTBD effort and influence key decisions your teams make. 
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JTBD Untangled: AMA with Jim Kalbach

Thursday, Nov. 5
11:30am-12:00pm PT
2:30pm-3:00pm ET

A 30min Q&A with Jim Kalbach to sort out your deepest and most challenging JTBD conundrums. On your path to leading JTBD conversations at work, the inevitable challenge will arise. Jim will be available to answer your questions and provide direction for taking your next steps. 
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The JTBD Canvas

A templated canvas to help frame your initiative. Download the canvas and examples to help you wrap your head around how the power of Jobs to be Done. Get access when you sign up for our newsletter!

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The Jobs to be Done Playbook

The Jobs To Be Done Playbook helps organizations turn market insight into action. This book shows you techniques to make offerings people want, as well as make people want your offering.
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Office Hours with Jim Kalbach

Need guidance and expert feedback? Have Jim review your JTBD work to inspire your next steps. 
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Enjoying a remote #jtbd workshop run by  @JimKalbach and  @ElaineMatthias (following the release of Jim's book 'the jobs to be done playbook') right now. Well-prepared, smoothly run, and packed with practical advice. Worth every cent, thanks!
Paul Kotz

The JTBD Toolkit can help advance your career

Analyze your customer’s behavior from a different angle. 

Use our resources to learn the components of Jobs to be Done.

Discover how Jobs to be Done can help make sense of your mission.

Your JTBD Toolkit Creators

Jim Kalbach


Jim is a Jobs to be Done superstar. Author of the Jobs to be Done playbook, Jim has 15+ years of experience helping major technology companies and startups achieve or make more perfect their product-market fit. He is currently Head of Customer Experience at MURAL, the leading online whiteboard. You can learn more about him at

Elaine Matthias


Elaine is here to help you have the best experience. She's passionate about curating spaces where she can creatively solve problems with her peers, distilling complexity into intuitive product experiences. Check out her design work at
The Jobs-to-be-done workshop was both informative and enjoyable. Jim's approach really walked me through how to conduct and apply the JTBD framework in way that is applicable to the projects I work on every day. He facilitated the session in a way that was enjoyable and engaging, making it feel less like a formal training and more like a collaborative discussion. I wouldn't hesitate to participate in one of Jim's workshops again in the future!
Ron Polka


What is Jobs to be Done?

Jobs to be Done is a way of thinking that helps your organization align around how best to serve your customer. See the markets you serve in a whole new light to unlock hidden opportunities. 

What's included in the Toolkit?

The JTBD Toolkit is a series of lectures, worksheets and templates designed to help you use Jobs to be Done in your day-to-day work. Plus, you'll get early notification of live events and webinars, as well as priority access to JTBD office hours with Jim. 

Who is the Tookit designed for?

The Toolkit is designed for people who want to drive change inside their organization and re-invogorate tired ways of thinking about your customer's relationship to your organization. This includes product managers, innovators, designers, marketers, customer success professionals, and business strategists alike 

I have some more questions. Is there anyone I can speak with?

Sure! Email Jim and Elaine at and we'll tackle any questions you need answered.